New Library Materials

The Death of Mrs. West­away

The cast: a nov­el

After An­na

Shel­ter in ­place

Bob Honey who just ­do stuff: a nov­el

The 17th ­sus­pect

Robert B. Park­er's old black­ ­mag­ic

Beach ­house­ re­union

The es­cape artist


The crooked s­tair­case: a Jane Hawk nov­el

The out­sider: a nov­el

Duel ­to the death: an Ali Reynold­s nov­el

Fade ­to black

The girl in the ­moon

The for­got­ten road­: a nov­el

As y­ou wish

He: a nov­el

I've ­got my eyes on y­ou: a nov­el

The atom­ic c­i­ty ­girls

Ware, Ruth

Steel, Danielle

Scot­to­line, Lisa

Robert­s, No­ra

Pen­n, Sean,

Pat­ter­son­, James

Atkin­s, Ace

Mon­roe, Mary Alice

Meltzer, Brad

Mart­in, Ge­orge R. R

Koontz, Dean R

King, Stephen

Jance, Ju­dith A

Gra­ham, Heather

Good­kind, Ter­ry

Evan­s, Richard Paul

Dev­er­aux, Jude

Con­nol­ly, John

Clark, Mary Hig­gins

Beard, Janet