New Library Materials


Tom Clan­cy ­line of sight


Pale as death

The word is ­mur­der: a nov­el

Dou­ble blind

An un­want­ed guest

Sin­ful S­cot­tish laird

Low Chicago: a wild ­card­s ­mo­saic nov­el

The qui­et side of ­pas­sion

The far side of the ­world

There there

Where the craw­dad­s s­ing

Tex­as­ Ranger

Feared: a Rosato & DiNun­zio nov­el

The oth­er ­wom­an

Baby ­teeth

Clock­ ­dance

When life ­gives y­ou lu­l­ule­mon­s: a nov­el

The mon­ey shot

Brown, San­dra

Maden, Mike,

Coul­ter, Cather­ine

Gra­ham, Heather

Horow­itz, An­tho­ny

Jo­hansen, Iris

Lape­na, Shari

Lon­don, Ju­lia

McCal­l Smith, Alexan­der

O'Bri­an, Pa­trick

Orange, Tom­my,

Owen­s, Deli­a,

Pat­ter­son­, James

Scot­to­line, Lisa

Sil­va, Daniel

Stage, Zo­je

Tyler, Anne

Weis­berg­er, Lau­ren

Wood­s, S­tu­art