New Library Materials

The Mal­ta ex­change: a nov­el

Sus­pi­cious ­minds

Wolf ­pack­: a Joe Pick­et­t nov­el

The last sec­ond

Celtic em­pire: a Dirk Pit­t nov­el

The big Kahu­na: a Fox and O'Hare nov­el

Al­l the wrong ­places: a nov­el

The scrib­bly ­man

A lethal le­ga­cy

When al­l is ­said: a nov­el

On the bright side


Ceme­tery Road­: a nov­el

The mis­ter

The A list: an Ali Reynold­s mys­tery

Dark tribute

The light over Lon­don

Lost ros­es: a nov­el

Lost chil­dren archive

The con­spir­a­cy

The per­fec­t al­i­bi: a nov­el

The Depart­men­t of Sen­si­tive Crimes

The last year of the war

Deep­ Har­bor

The silen­t ­pa­tient

Like lions

The Corn­wall­s are ­gone

The li­brary of lost and ­found

Mir­a­cle at St. An­drews: a nov­el

To­mor­row there will be ­sun: a nov­el

Neon prey

The is­land of sea ­wom­en: a nov­el

Si­len­t night: a nov­el

Wild ­card

Ber­ry, Steve

Bond, Gwen­da,

Box, C. J

Coul­ter, Cather­ine

Cus­sler, Clive

Evanovich, Janet

Field­ing, Joy

Good­kind, Ter­ry

Gra­ham, Heather

Griffin, Anne

Groen, Hen­drik,

Hal­l, Bob­by,

Iles, Greg

James, E. L

Jance, Ju­dith A

Jo­hansen, Iris

Kel­ly, Ju­lia

Kel­ly, Martha Hall

Luisel­li, Va­le­ri­a,

Mart­in, Kat

Mar­golin, Phillip

McCal­l Smith, Alexan­der

Meiss­ner, Su­san

Michael­s, Fern

Michaelides, Alex

Panowich, Bri­an

Pat­ter­son­, James

Pa­trick­, Phae­dra,

Pat­ter­son­, James

Rein­hardt, Dana

Sand­ford, John

See, Lisa

Steel, Danielle

Wood­s, S­tu­art