A column of fire                                               Follett, Ken

A legacy of spies                                              Le CarrĂ©, John

Don't let go                                                     Coben, Harlan

Glass houses                                                   Penny, Louise

Holly and Ivy                                                   Michaels, Fern 

Keep her safe                                                  Hannah, Sophie

Proof of life                                                     Jance, Judith A

The burning girl                                              Messud, Claire

The girl who takes an eye for an eye                 Lagercrantz, David

The golden house: a novel                                Rushdie, Salman

The Japanese lover: a novel                              Allende, Isabel

The Romanov ransom                                       Cussler, Clive

Two nights: a novel                                          Reichs, Kathy

Wicked deeds                                                  Graham, Heather

Enigma                                                           Coulter, Catherine

Everything all at once                                      Leno, Katrina

Frances                                                          Valgardson, W. D

Haircuts don't hurt                                          Clausen-Grace, Nicki

My sweater                                                     Pressling, Robert.

The beast                                                       Myers, Walter Dean

The Cuban affair: a novel                                 DeMille, Nelson

The stranger                                                   Van Allsburg, Chris

The Transcontinental Railroad in American historyStein, R. Conrad

Thief's mark                                                    Neggers, Carla

Trouble times ten                                             Lambert, David,