New Library Materials

Echoes in the walls

A gath­er­ing of se­crets

Shad­ow ­tyrants: a nov­el­ of the Ore­gon ­files

The ice­man

A will­ing ­mur­der

Lethal white

An ab­so­lute­ly re­mark­able thing: a nov­el

But­ton Man

Sea prayer

Depth of win­ter

The for­bid­den ­door: a Jane Hawk nov­el

Crazy rich Asians

Sis­ter­s ­like us

Three­ lit­tle lies

Hit­ting the ­books

A place ­for us: a nov­el

Robert B. Park­er's Color­blind

Juror #3

A spark of ­light: a nov­el

We al­l love the beau­ti­ful ­girls

Lev­er­age in death

Pieces of her: a nov­el

Court­ney's war

In his ­fa­ther's ­foot­step­s: a nov­el

Some­thing in the wa­ter: a nov­el

The fal­l of Gon­dolin

The sum­mer wives

An­drews, V. C

Castil­lo, Lin­da

Cus­sler, Clive

Deuter­man­n, Peter T.

Dev­er­aux, Jude

Gal­braith, Robert

Green, Hank,

Gross, An­drew

Hos­seini, Khaled

John­son, Craig

Koontz, Dean R

Kwan, Kevin

Mallery, Su­san

Mar­shal­l, Lau­ra

McKin­lay, Jen­n,

Mirza­, Fa­ti­ma Farheen

Cole­man, Reed Far­rel

Pat­ter­son­, James

Pi­coult, Jo­di

Proulx, Joanne

Rob­b, J. D.

Slaugh­ter, Karin

Smith, Wil­bur A

Steel, Danielle

Stead­man, Cather­ine

Tolkien, J. R. R

Wil­liams, Beatriz