The Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library

DVD and Video Policy

All videos and DVDs are free to check out to anyone who is an active patron whose account is in good standing, meaning no record of unpaid fines, overdue materials, or any other form of disciplinary action. In order to maintain a large selection of VHS and DVD's all borrowers must abide by the following policies:

1) DVDs and videos are loaned for a 7-day period and must be returned by the date stamped on the due date slip. They may be renewed one time, if there are no holds, by contacting staff at the library by phone or in person.

2) There is a limit of 4 DVDs and 6 videos per household.

3) A current phone number where the patron can be contacted is required.

4) An overdue fine of $1.00 per open day per item not to exceed $5.00 will be accessed. All fines take effect one day after the final due date.

5) No further library items may be loaned to anyone having overdue or unpaid fines until paid. Computer privileges will be suspended until all overdue materials are returned and the fines are paid in full.

6) The patron is responsible for video cassettes and DVDs and must pay for damage or loss. If the video or DVD is not returned in its proper case with the correct amount of discs, it is considered damaged. The charge for lost or damaged DVDs is the list price, or the DVD may be replaced upon approval of the Director. DVDs are considered lost after six months of being overdue.

7) Patrons may not replace library purchased video cassettes or DVDs with a homemade copy. It is unlawful to copy a copyrighted video cassette or DVD, and the Library cannot circulate "bootleg" copies.

8) Those who continually have overdue materials and fines, will be limited to the amount of materials they may borrow. This limit will be determined by the Director.

9) It is the parents' responsibility, not the library's, to supervise their child's use of all library materials, including videos and DVDs.

10) Videos or DVDs may not be used where admission is charged.

11) Persons who fail to abide by the above policies may be subject to court action for collection of amounts due

Approved by the Board of Trustees September, 30, 2014.